Term of Use

You can use all of our designs free!

But, we do have some restrictions :)

1. You cannot use our graphics for gambling, porn, pharma, warez, spam, illegal business websites.

2. You cannot sell our graphics to another 3rd parties

3. If you want to use it as your commercial project, you should let us know

4. You cannot claim that you designed our graphics :) unless you work for us :D

5. If you want to share psdbuddy designs at your website, you should put our original link page at psdbuddy.com as your hyperlink

6. psdbuddy dont allow you to edit our designs and make it your copyright designs

7. You have some commercials project? and you want to use our designs?

Please Please Please let us know by contact us directly :)

We give our designs free for you, so respect us by obeying our term of use

If you still have any question about this term of use, you can contact us directly.